C.A.R. Takes Action on Statewide Initiatives

C.A.R. Takes Action on Statewide Initiatives

In coming weeks, C.A.R. will be launching its plan to help pass Proposition 5, C.A.R.’s Property Tax Fairness initiative, and defeat Proposition 10, the effort to repeal the landmark Costa Hawkins law. Voters will decide the fate of both initiatives in the November 6 election.

Proposition 5 would remove the unfair moving penalty for seniors, the severely disabled, and disaster victims across the entire state while still ensuring these people pay their fair share of property taxes.
More information about Proposition 5.

Proposition 10 would repeal the landmark Costa Hawkins law that limits the ability of local governments to impose aggressive rent control. C.A.R. successfully co-sponsored Costa Hawkins in 1995. Any threat to Costa Hawkins is a threat to private property rights and C.A.R. is prepared to vigorously defend the law against Prop 10.
More information about Proposition 10 and its flaws.

REALTORS® interested in volunteering in the effort to support Prop 5 and defeat Prop 10 are encouraged to send an email to [email protected] including their name, city, phone number, and the local association of REALTORS® to which they belong.

More information about C.A.R.’s efforts to help pass Prop 5 and defeat Prop 10 will be made available soon along with opportunities for all REALTORS® to take part in this historic effort.