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Filing an Anonymous Complaint

Filing an Anonymous Complaint

Filing Anonymous Complaints
In specific circumstances, complaints can be filed anonymously. To be filed anonymously, the alleged violation must be able to be "touched, heard, or seen" without supporting testimony or witnesses.

How to fill out an Anonymous Complaint Form:

  1. Download Form D-1 write "Anonymous" in the space for “complainant.”
  2. Fill in the name(s) of the respondent (the agent allegedly responsible for the violation). Note: You may, but are not required to add the name of the Responsible Broker or participant for an alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and/or MLS Rules & Regulations.
  3. Specify the Article(s) of the Code of Ethics or Section(s) of the MLS Rules and Regulations you are citing.
  4. Anonymous complaints must be supported by evidence of the violation! For example, if it is an Article 12 (advertising) violation, the advertisement must accompany the complaint for processing.
  5. When the complaint is received according to the instructions for filing, the complaint will be reviewed by the CCAR Grievance Committee. The Grievance Committee will determine if the complaint has merit for a Professional Standards Hearing.
  6. Since the complaint has been filed anonymously, the Association will not be able to provide any information on the status of the complaint to the complainant. Only when a complaint is signed by the complainant is the Association able to provide information.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to CCAR Professional Standards Coordinator, Pam Moitoza at 925.295.9220.