Helping Hands

The Helping Hands mission is to provide financial assistance to CCAR Members, their immediate families, and to members of the communities that CCAR serves due to prolonged illness, accident or other catastrophic occurrence, and to contribute to our communities.

Ashley Provost
CCAR Helping Hands Co-Chair
Ashley Provost Design
[email protected]

Tammy Cryer
CCAR Helping Hands Co-Chair
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2017 CCAR Helping Hands Committee

CCAR Helping Hands Committee
Back row: Kathy Powers,  Tammy Cryer,  Ashley Provost,  and  George Moody
Front row: Adina Erridge,  Lisa Hoctor,  Desiree Bilich,  Carolyn Dopp,  Valerie Crowell,  and  Frith Wiggins